Allegheny County

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Housing Market
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Blight and Vacancy
  • Vacant Housing
  • Property Tax Delinquency
  • Vacant Land
  • Vacant Addresses
  • Foreclosure
  • Loan Applications
  • Loan Originations
  • Loan Denials
  • Mortgage Interest Deductions
Subsidized Housing
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Property Ownership
  • Housing Units
  • Owner Occupied Housing by Race/Ethnicity
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  • Housing Tenure by Age
  • Publicly-Owned Property
Physical Characteristics
  • Housing Units by Year Built
  • Housing Units by Number of Bedrooms
  • Housing Units by Energy Source
  • Housing Units by Service
  • Housing Units by Urban/Rural
  • Parcels by Year Built (Assessment Data)
  • Parcel and Building Area
  • Housing Affordability
Note: MOEs are not included on the print tables, but are available through the data download option.